SlashDot Studios aims to create a model that doesn’t just reward success but finds value in failure. A system that captures, processes and grades data to find a value for the previously intangible.

This is not blockchain; this is a system that will succeed blockchain.

We are recreating how the internet exchanges information, tracking supply chains and the exchange of value in a way that doesn’t just reward success but that builds the human experience. We are creating the working model that the internet is crying out for.

This site is a mix of VC deck and manifesto and is the start of our engine. The nodes you see in the background are the very first data driven nodes, generated in real time depending on the information you provide.

This site proves that our system works, but we need considerable investment to develop it further. This site includes everything that you need to know about the philosophy and the actions we believe we need to take to achieve the goal of rewiring the internet.

How the site works: Answering the questions determines what grade of information you see. This is the start of our value grading system linked to the engine, but it is also a way to decide if we are right for you, and you are right for us, saving us all time in the long run.

We appreciate it could be a difficult concept to understand, which is why we’ve provided plenty of examples of how the engine could work in practice. And if you need more details, or have any questions, we’d be happy to talk to you about our plans and ideas.